Master Classes

The Master Class remains one of my favorite venues for learning.

Whether participating as an audience member, performer, or clinician, the Master Class offers a plethora of learning for everyone. As a clinician, I unite the joy of learning, teaching, and playing in an interactive experience, not just for the performer, but the audience as well. With four years experience in administering master classes, I happily work with beginning to advanced students, offering tips on learning, practicing, memory, artistry, style and interpretation, and relevant performance practices. I am ever ready with composer anecdotes and insightful information regarding repertoire and music history and appreciation. I love to jump out of the box and encourage pathways for creativity at the keyboard from ornamenting and embellishing Baroque works to 'safe', on-the-spot improv, derived from the student's repertoire. Group improv experience can be another fun part of a master class upon request.

I am open to administering master classes for groups, private studios, and events.

Studio Master Classes are a wonderful way of adding spice to an already excellent curriculum and performance schedule. All ages and levels will enjoy the interactive journey of the class, while experiencing a new venue for performance. Students preparing for a judged event or festival garner new insights and practice techniques, while solidifying memory and polishing performance presentation.