Private Lessons in Piano, Voice, Music Theory, Improv, and more…

Piano Lessons

I offer a spiraling curriculum from beginning to college level. Extensive music theory, and technic accompany all lessons. Students learn music history and appreciation including composer, era, and repertoire studies as well as engaged listening skills. I use a motivational variety of repertoire in all genres including thorough work in art music. Students begin music reading, improvisation, and ear-training at the first lesson, the experience growing and evolving throughout each year of study. Students have ample performance opportunities from recitals to ensemble events, and competitions including The USI Duo Competition, CMTA's Celebration Series, and the Festival for Creative Pianists.

Private / Group Lessons in Voice

All students learn music reading including staff recognition, rhythm and counting, time signatures, key signatures, intervals, as well as a full course in music theory. Students study ear training and melodic recall, multi-key sight singing and pitch relationship using solfege, and the singing of major and minor scales (all forms). Students are taught the proper technic of vocal production (no belting) using appropriate repertoire starting with folk music and rounds. When good vocal production is attained repertoire expands to art music and includes appropriate show tunes, lyric pop, Disney, etc. Ample performance opportunity is provided. Voice classes are available for groups for 4 or more.

Audition Prep

Have an all-state choir or musical audition coming up? Thinking about auditioning for a college scholarship using your musical skills? Audition prep can run just a few lessons to a few months depending on the audition -- and make all the differenced for securing the envisioned goal!

And more…

Interested in focusing just on improv, music theory, or music history and appreciation? I teach beginning to upper level music theory and prep for college entrance exams (including ear training and sight reading). I have a full course on music History and Appreciation for the connoisseur or hobbyist. I also work with students on improv and lead sheet realization.